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My [livejournal.com profile] homebrewbingo table:

fake rake ass play/ fetishization exposure face-sitting marriage
kissing/ necking cinderella stories clothes fetishization hand-jobs striking with implements
toughness magical themes WILD CARD woke up gay non/dub-con
drugs crush/ unrequited sports coming out cock bondage
dating paraphilias (other) sensory overload absence makes the heart grow fonder public/ semi-public sex

1. Fake rake (a man falsely rumored to be promiscuous, who isn't; romance novel term)
2. Ass-play and/or fetishization (ass lifted in the air for penetration; emphasized by harness or blue jeans; ass slapping; spreading cheeks; rimming)
3. Exposure (with or without eroticism; feeling physically exposed, such as with legs open; a woman's shirt being opened to expose her breasts; characters being forced to undress in public; someone opening a door on people having sex)
4. Face-sitting (straddling for blow-job or cunnilingus)
5. Marriage (of arrangement, convenience, or necessity; accidental marriage; group marriage; traditional marriage or partnership ceremony)
6. Kissing, necking
7. Cinderella stories (rescuing someone from servitude or cruel family; going from rags to riches; Pretty Woman scenarios; fairy-tale romances in general)
8. Clothes fetishization (of any kind, e.g., uniforms; leather gear; worn blue jeans; thigh-highs; stilettos; leather jackets; tuxedos or GQ wear; constricting or modest clothes; boxer-briefs; going commando)
9. Hand-jobs
10. Striking with implements (whips, belts, riding crops, canes, paddles, etc)
11. Toughness (machismo or hyper-masculinity; physical stamina; a hard surface covering an inner softie; resolve; survival skills; teeth-gritting acts such as pulling an arrow out of one's own thigh, etc; see also Rough behavior; Bad boys, etc)
12. Magical themes (love spells; magical characters or creatures; magical lands or settings; predictions; curses; possession; fairytales; magical girls; see also Special powers and skills)
13. Woke up gay
14. Non-consensual or semi-consensual sex (sexual extortion; bribery; reluctant or ambivalent partner; bondage and struggle; no means yes; other consent issues)
15. Drugs (recreational drug use; Viagra; self-destructive addictions; addiction as a by-product of pain management; alcoholism and sobriety)
16. Crush or unrequited love
17. Sports themes and fetishization (sports rivalries; uniforms and jock-straps; wrestling and sweaty exertion in general; locker-room or shower scenes; team gang-bangs; swimmer/surfer body types; pool and billiards games)
18. Coming out of the closet (see also Gayness; Orientation issues; Witnesses)
19. Cock bondage (cock rings; harnesses and straps; leather ropework)
20. Dating (see Courting and dating)
21. Paraphilias not listed elsewhere
22. Sensory overload or enhancement
23. Absence makes the heart grow fonder
24. Sex in public or semi-public places

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